An illustration of six employees on a conveyor belt exiting an office representing employee turnover after a layoff.
​​How to Prevent Employee Turnover After Layoffs: 4 Effective Strategies
Organizations sometimes face the challenging situation of having to lay off employees due to financial...
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A manager takes notes about how to lay off employees.
How to Lay Off Employees
Notifying employees of their layoff or termination is considered to be one of the most...
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Group of executives sitting at a conference table discussing what is post-merger integration and requirements for their team.
Post-Merger Integration: Full Guide
For two companies to merge, leaders of both organizations have to put tremendous effort into...
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Kendall Roy makes a layoff announcement at Vaulter in the TV show, "Succession."
The Layoff Announcement: Lessons from “Succession” and Kendall Roy
Note: This article contains spoilers about the TV series, “Succession.” Reductions in staff are difficult...
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Illustration of a male employee walking out of an office following a layoff.
Furloughs Vs. Layoffs: When Temporary Job Loss Becomes Permanent
In order to react to economic uncertainties, some companies conduct furloughs vs. layoffs, putting some...
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An empty office signals tech layoffs.
Preparing for Tech Layoffs: 3 Tips for Leaders
While the tech industry is always evolving, it’s also subject to the same negative impacts...
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A leadership team meets to discuss whether workforce redeployment is an alternative to layoffs
Is Workforce Redeployment an Alternative to Layoffs?
With many poorly executed layoffs going viral, some organizations have received negative press for hiring...
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How retailers should handle a reduction in workforce
Retail Layoffs: How to Protect Your Brand During a Reduction in Force
Due to changes in shopping habits, overhiring, poor growth predictions, economic conditions, and other direct...
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Layoff Planning: Resources and Guides (title beside hexagonal blocks with people icons)
Layoff Planning: What You Need to Know
Layoff planning can be complicated. Sometimes layoffs are months in the making; other times they...
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A businessman holds a yellow notebook titled WARN: Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
WARN Act in the News: Why Employers Need to Know the Law
The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act is a federal law that requires employers...
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Graphics of social media dislikes over a person typing on a laptop and using their phone.
Everyone’s Talking About Their Layoffs: Why Employers Should Be Listening
The current era of radical candor has changed the way we talk about layoffs. At...
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Graphic representing a manager sending a layoff list to employers to help those laid off find new jobs
Are Layoff Lists Helpful to Employees?
With the many layoffs taking place, particularly in the tech space, companies are using a...
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A manager gives a layoff letter to his employee.
Layoff Letters (With a Template)
Letting an employee go is difficult for all parties involved, and there are right ways...
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A young male employee reacts after receiving an email notifying him that he's been laid off, as happened to employees with Twitter layoffs
Twitter Layoffs: 4 Key Lessons to Protect Your Organization
Twitter’s layoffs by email were highly publicized and reportedly the most chaotic since those conducted...
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A 6-step checklist representing the steps of an offboarding processes
6-Step Offboarding Checklist
Offboarding is a vital process for any company: By providing positive offboarding experiences for outgoing...
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An African-American male manager meets with a small group of employees to discuss how he can support remaining employees after a layoff
How to Support Remaining Employees After a Layoff
Layoffs can create fear and doubt among employees, lower morale, and reduce their trust in...
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Employee affected by recent layoffs boxes up his office items.
Will Layoffs Continue? Lessons from the Tech and Financial Services Industries
The economy is dynamic and constantly changing, sometimes faster than we expect it to. One...
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Following a formal offboarding process, an HR manager notifies an employee he's been laid off
3 Offboarding Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business
Even if your business is mostly concerned with finding talent at the moment, know this:...
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What HR managers need to know about layoffs is represented by a glove and stethoscope resting on a notice of layoff
Healthcare Layoffs: What HR Managers Need to Know
This article, originally published on December 4, 2019, has been updated. Even with the surge...
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A variety of notices for RIFs, layoffs, furloughs and terminations.
RIF, Layoff, Furlough, Termination — We Chart the Differences
While reductions-in-force (RIFs), layoffs, and furloughs are all difficult actions employers take out of necessity...
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A manager ticks a transparent checkbox, signifying a step taken on the employee termination checklist
Employee Termination Checklist: Make The Process Easier!
One of the reasons employee terminations can feel difficult to manage is that the process...
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There are common questions about severance pay, as represented by a magnifying glass highlighting a severance agreement.
Severance Pay: Answers to the 4 Most Common Questions
Having an established policy regarding severance is a best practice for any company—not only to...
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An HR manager meets with a department lead to review how to conduct an exit interview.
How to Conduct an Exit Interview that Benefits Your Company
Why do good employees leave your organization? Knowing the answer to this question will help...
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A college lecture hall sits empty due to COVID lockdowns.
7 Professors on How 2020 Is Changing Higher Education
So much has happened during 2020 that it often feels like ten years compressed into...
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Having just been laid off, a man sitting by a wall wonders, how does unemployment work?
How does unemployment insurance work?
Due to the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, many American workers are asking for...
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young man on laptop near a window, with a sunset, watching a human resources webinar on managing layoffs.
Compassionate Offboarding: Managing Layoffs – Webinar Recap
Layoffs can take a toll on anyone, regardless of whether you’re the person delivering the...
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A group of of engaged employees in office space, working while company is undergoing organizational change.
How to Retain Talent in Times of Change – Webinar Recap
Uncertainty is often a major source of stress, and during times of change, employees look to HR...
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A graphic of three businessmen exiting through a large door, representing Intoo's Essential Guide to Outplacement.
Introducing the Essential Guide to Outplacement
Is it possible to show employees you care about them—even during layoffs? Can your company...
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An illustration of someone signing a severance package agreement.
Introducing the Complete Guide to Severance Packages
Companies offer severance packages to outgoing employees for good reason. Not only do the packages...
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row of employees taking notes while receiving notice of layoff.
Layoff Notice: What’s Expected of Employers?
Communicating a layoff is often a complex process. Many questions have to be answered before...
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Graphic of career transition coach, aiding individuals in their job search.
10 Career Transition Coaching Questions Answered
If you are in a career transition—or if you are an HR professional exploring outplacement...
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People working in an office place discussing reduction in force best practices.
Reduction in Force Best Practices: How to Protect Your Employer Brand
Employer brand plays an increasingly important role in the social media age. Customers often read...
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up close view of woman righting a memo on upcoming layoff
Memo to Self: How to Write a Layoff Memo the Right Way
What is the best way to let employees know a layoff is coming? For most organizations...
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office space above a skyline reflecting an open office after layoffs.
Layoff and Recall Policy: Do You Have One?
Because a wide range of factors influence business success, no industry or organization can consider...
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Businesspeople walking in the corridor during an organizational restructure
How to Decide Whom to Lay Off During a Restructure
When organizations go through a restructuring, departments are often merged, whittled down, or eliminated altogether,...
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Two multiethnic coworkers discuss how to avoid layoff discrimination while restructuring.
Restructuring? How to Avoid Layoff Discrimination
A business restructuring can be a positive time of evolution for an organization. The ensuing...
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businessman in office overlooking the city thinking about major company layoffs.
Are Major Layoffs More Common Since the Recession?
From late 2007 until the summer of 2009, the U.S. experienced the worst recession since...
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man and woman working in the office collaborating on layoff strategy during a merger
HR Operations: 5 Tips for Managing Layoffs During a Merger
While mergers often make great business sense, they also bring up fears about pending layoffs...
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close up of managers discussing how to calculate severance pay for employees
What is Severance Pay And How is it Calculated?
While companies are not required by federal law to provide severance pay to terminated employees,...
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Woman employee overlooking city in office place thinking about severance package.
How Severance Pay Works and Who Typically Receives It
Discover How Severance Pay Works and How it Should Be Used In Your Organization Severance...
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business professionals negotiating severance across a table at the workplace.
5 Things Employers Should Know About Negotiating Severance
While companies are not required by federal law to provide severance pay, offering a severance...
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Group of business people discussing layoffs in the office place.
Communicating Layoffs to Remaining Employees in 5 Steps
When HR professionals talk about communicating layoffs, the discussion generally centers around breaking the news...
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Employees working on computers in modern office room, discussing recent layoffs.
How To Motivate Employees After Layoffs
When a company conducts a layoff, a lot of attention is given to the employees...
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Business documents and pen at workplace detailing layoff severance package.
Are Companies Required to Pay Layoff Severance?
No matter the cause for termination, letting go an employee is never easy. It can...
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CareerArc layoff anxiety infographic and report
19 Fascinating Stats on Layoff Anxiety — With Infographic
Nearly half of American employees experience layoff anxiety, despite record low unemployment rates. That’s according...
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A manager carrying a briefcase and newspaper gets to his office to read how to lay off an employee.
How to Lay Off an Employee: Industry Best Practices
Almost every company has an employee onboarding process to help new hires start their jobs...
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outplacement statistics - save your brand reputation during a layoff
4 Outplacement Statistics That Could Save Your Brand Reputation
As trends and other industry shifts make their impacts on business, your company may sometimes...
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How Outplacement Assistance Can Strengthen Your Brand
How Outplacement Assistance Can Strengthen Your Brand
In the age of social media,brand building has transformed radically. Gone are the days when...
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