A sign post pointing to Success, Growth, and Career Development, indicating how upskilling employees can help with retention in multiple ways
How Upskilling Employees Can Increase Retention
No matter the state of the economy, employers will always be attempting to lure and...
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A laptop displaying an employee learning program that reads "Online Learning" sits on a wooden desk with a notebook, phone and plants.
Employee Learning Programs: Why Learning Platforms May Not Be Enough
Employee learning services and platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, and other online course providers...
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A male career coach leads a team workshop on how to develop soft skills in the workplace.
How to Develop Soft Skills
Soft skills are positive qualities that can be applied to any occupation, such as demonstrating...
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A hand holding chalk lists soft skills in the workplace, including creativity, coaching, influencing, communication, empathy and team building
What Are Soft Skills in the Workplace?
When evaluating job applicants, employers should rely on more than a person's industry experience. While...
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Double lines on a road indicate a path to new skills by upskilling and reskilling.
What Is Upskilling and Reskilling?
An employee’s position within an organization will naturally evolve as the company grows. For example,...
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April 2022 - This Month's Top HR Reads
HR Trends: The Key Reads of April 2022
Welcome to our summary of April best reads on HR trends! This month, reverse mentoring...
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Four lightbulbs glow with the words career, success, development, and growth
7 Ways to Help Your Employees with Career Development
Offering a career development program to employees can lead to increased motivation, productivity, and job...
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Illustration of concepts career transition assistance can help job seekers with
Yes, Career Transition Assistance Is Still Needed During the Great Resignation
We’re in the middle of the Great Resignation, and there’s much talk of companies being...
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INTOO Year in Review 2021
INTOO USA’s 2021 Year in Review
Like 2020, this past year brought many challenges to businesses and individuals around the world....
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INTOO launches new career exploration module and skills tools, as shown in the platform screenshot
An engagement meter shows a reading of over 200%
August 2021 - This Month's Top HR Reads
HR Trends: The Key Reads of August 2021
Welcome to our summary of August’s best reads on HR trends! This month, hot topics...
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New Upskilling and Reskilling Content!
INTOO USA Integrates Upskilling Coursework from Leading Educational Content Providers
INTOO USA is excited to announce our new integrated coursework from educational content providers edX,...
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