What Traits Do the Best Career Sites Share?

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Employers who want to attract the best possible talent must leave strong impressions on potential applicants before, during and after they apply for a role within your business. They must also work on offering a positive candidate experience that provides both successful and unsuccessful candidates with a positive impression of your brand. 

One valuable tool when it comes to fostering a great candidate experience is your career website. Your career site can help your brand connect with job seekers and improve the hiring process for your business. In this guide, we explain how to build a strong career site and why this is so important. We also take a look at a number of brands that have built highly effective career sites, providing some inspiration. 

What Is a Careers Site?

A careers site is a website that offers job seekers a detailed look into an organization’s brand, culture, and employment opportunities. The page can include background information about your company and list the benefits employees receive for working with the organization. Many career sites also make use of testimonials and blog posts from current team members to show how they feel about the business. Career sites also house a searchable list of open positions within the company.

Why Are Career Sites Important?

A successful careers site can serve as a targeted advertisement to the professionals you want to attract to your company by clearly stating what characteristics applicants must possess. Additionally, every stage of your hiring process can significantly impact your reputation as an employer. Having a website that answers applicants’ questions, for example, is one of the best ways to help your business create a positive candidate experience for job seekers and improve how professionals view your brand.

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Put your employer brand front and center

It’s important to have a career site that prominently features your brand identity to ensure candidates know they are on the right website. Businesses can showcase their brand to page visitors by incorporating their branding elements and logo onto the site. Career sites that don’t embody a company’s brand might confuse job seekers and cause them to lose interest and leave the page before exploring or even completing their application.

Control the narrative of your brand

The reputation of a corporation can impact how candidates feel about applying to it, so it’s crucial to establish yourself as a trusted employer. Career sites can influence how people think about a brand by including positive reviews and personal stories from existing team members. Sharing how employees feel about an organization will give job seekers a look into the brand’s culture. Information like your company’s charitable contributions and mission statement can also impact the perception of your brand.

Stand out in the crowd

Career sites can be used to highlight the competitive advantages of working at an organization. Businesses may attract motivated job seekers by sharing the career development opportunities they offer employees. Your organization can list what benefits are provided in the workplace, such as healthcare and employee discounts or other programming.  Using a unique site design may also help differentiate your brand from other companies.

Your career site also creates an opportunity for your company to extend its employer brand to the candidate experience. Offering candidates tools to help them update their resumes and prepare for interviews can  demonstrate to them that your organization values career development. 

A young woman wearing glasses sits on her sofa while looking at her laptop, representing someone using a top careers siteBest Career Site Examples

It’s a good idea to analyze a few successful career sites before creating one of your own. Listed below are a number of notable examples of effective career sites that your brand may want to emulate.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS has an easily navigable career site that helps candidates find the specific role they are searching for in the company. The website also entices potential employees to apply by claiming it can give applicants a job offer within 25 minutes for some positions.

Chase Bank

Chase Bank’s careers site immediately filters its candidates by putting up links that separate students and graduates from experienced professionals. Instead of turning away those who may be inexperienced, the company directs them to internship program pages that provide information about how Chase internships can develop their professional skills. The site also gives applicants insight into the organization’s culture and values.


Dillard’s career site offers users a minimalistic interface that makes navigating the website less overwhelming than those of some of its competitors. The main highlight of its career site is the Career Paths tab, which shows job seekers the potential upward growth they can have in the company. Accurate timelines are also used to give applicants an insight into how long it may take to meet specified career goals at Dillard’s.

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