Knowing how to improve candidate experience can prevent negative reviews, like the one this woman might leave as a result of being made to wait too long for her interview.
How to Improve Candidate Experience
The interactions companies have with applicants can significantly impact the way job seekers view them...
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A hand holding chalk over a graphic of a blackboard with the words "COMPANY CULTURE" with lightbulbs and gears
What is Company Culture? A Complete Overview
Contents: What Is Company Culture? What Makes a Strong Company Culture? Why Is Company Culture...
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Two colleagues demonstrate how to build employer branding strategy by having a positive employer-employee relationship
Employer Branding Strategies Throughout the Employee Lifecycle
Every interaction a potential or existing employee has with you is an opportunity to strengthen...
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Do Glassdoor reviews matter? An open laptop displays a white screen bearing the glassdoor logo in green.
Do Glassdoor Reviews Matter?
Modern job seekers often base their opinions of an organization on the information they find...
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Graphics saying "Job Search," "Qualification," "Career," and "Application," overlaying a laptop represent how to create an effective career page
What Makes a Good Career Page: 7 Simple Tips
Finding the right candidate for a position can be challenging, especially if your business operates...
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An African American hiring manager demonstrates why candidate experience is important while interviewing a caucasian female candidate
Why Is Candidate Experience Important?
Taking the feelings of your applicants into account in your hiring process can have a...
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A woman types on her laptop which displays a representation of what is a careers site
What Traits Do the Best Career Sites Share?
Employers who want to attract the best possible talent must leave strong impressions on potential...
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A diverse group of employees who work for a successful employer
3 Ways to Be a Successful Employer
Just because the calendar flips to a new year doesn’t mean last year’s challenges have...
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Colored letters spelling "SKILLS" are held up by hands belonging to a culturally diverse group of people
3 Ways to Increase Diversity Through Skills-Based Hiring
While it’s now common for organizations to have Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, not...
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INTOO Year in Review 2021
INTOO USA’s 2021 Year in Review
Like 2020, this past year brought many challenges to businesses and individuals around the world....
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A note reading "Employee experience" sits atop a desk by a keyboard, pen, and mug of coffee.
How to Create a First-Class Employee Experience: Webinar Recap
Barb Froncillo, National Sales Director at INTOO USA, spoke recently with Michele Shuey and Veronica...
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INTOO launches new career exploration module and skills tools, as shown in the platform screenshot
The Employer Brand Journey - With downloadable infographic!
Employer Brand: How the Benefits You Offer Employees Can Make or Break It
It can be easy to understand how value-added benefits could help an organization maintain its...
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