Outplacement Services in Los Angeles, CA

Transitions are never easy, but INTOO can help you provide a smooth and compassionate transition for each of your employees. Our tailored outplacement services in Los Angeles, across the US, and in 102 countries around the world can provide a comprehensive approach to aid employees in taking the next steps in their careers.

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Why You Should Get Outplacement Services in Los Angeles, CA

A career transition service aims to help exiting employees find their next job through professional guidance and resources who help them make a good impression to hiring managers. Companies can likewise benefit from these professional services, which can help in the following ways:

  • Protects against litigation by helping employees move on faster
  • Promotes morale among remaining staff members
  • Preserves your brand

An employee’s negative exit experience can damage your reputation. With the right outplacement partner, however, you’ll ensure a transition that’s as smooth as possible, helping to retain your employer brand. 

Career transition services can also preserve your workplace culture. Your remaining employees will remain engaged, knowing that their colleague’s departure occurred on the best possible terms.

INTOO understands the local employment ecosystem of Los Angeles, CA. We also have extensive experience working with companies across the country and around the world. This means that no matter where you are, our team can become your partner by finding the right fit for your workers.

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How INTOO Can Help With Outplacement & Career Transition Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles businesses benefit from an outplacement partner who understands the local business landscape. This type of regional knowledge can expedite exiting employees’ transitions to new employment.

Employees benefit from professional guidance and career support from dedicated career coaching, plus upskilling and professional development. At the same time, employers gain access to a dedicated, professional team whose innovative resources adapt to their needs and budget.

As a result, you’ll be able to provide a smoother transition for your outgoing employees while preserving a healthy workplace culture for those who remain. INTOO can help businesses of every size with flexible solutions for times of transition.

Here’s how INTOO can benefit your business, as well as your transitioning employees.

Flexible solutions

Think of INTOO as a personalized career coaching service. We offer three levels of outplacement services in Los Angeles, across the country, and around the world — each with various program lengths to choose from.

Our program is designed for all levels of employees, ranging from entry-level to C-suite.  The goal of our services is to provide insights from employment experts who can meet with employees one-on-one and offer professional guidance with empathy and care. Our flexible career coaches are available seven days a week via video, audio, and text chat, focusing on resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, networking strategies, and building employees’ personal brand.

Award-winning platform and dedicated support

INTOO brings more than 20 years of experience in outplacement support. Our platform has been consistently ranked among the best providers in the industry, earning us a reputation both domestically and internationally. 

Plus, our intuitive client dashboard gives you detailed insights into the success of your outplacement services.

Better Results

Employees who receive INTOO’s personalized coaching typically land a new job two-and-a-half times faster than the U.S. national average. They also give INTOO’s career coaches a 97% satisfaction rating.

And with a dedicated outplacement provider, you’ll preserve your professional brand and company culture. As a result, you’ll keep your remaining employees engaged, which can improve your employee retention rates.

Comprehensive Outplacement Service

INTOO’s outplacement services are centered on the whole person. We aim to identify opportunities that align with an employee’s career goals and offer tools to help them maintain their physical, mental, financial and social health throughout their journey so they can make the most of their job search.

Onboarding on your schedule

Our expert Client Success team is experienced in working with organizations of all sizes across every industry. Whether organizational change is planned months in advance or is urgent and unexpected, our team is your partner in ensuring a smooth transition for exiting staff and remaining employees alike.

We make this process easy for you and your organization. On average, our onboarding process takes just 48 hours. Accelerated same-day onboarding is available when there is an urgent need.

“We use INTOO Outplacement to help employees find their next step. We have found that it’s been a positive way of showing people that we really want to support them. We want them to be successful, even if that’s not with us, which helps to create a more positive exit.”
Jennifer Fisher
Director of People and Culture, ISTS

“We wanted to show employees that we are invested in their future, and we wanted to do everything we could to support them moving forward. By offering outplacement, we were able to tell employees: “This is a support system that is exclusively here to support you. Yes, we chose INTOO, but they’re not in it for us. This is for you.”

Tess L.
Human Resources Manager, KBD

Improve Your Workplace with Outplacement Services in Los Angeles

Don’t just give your employees a soft landing — empower them to grow and flourish long after they walk out your doors.

With INTOO’s career transition services in Los Angeles, you can turn an unexpected transition into a life-changing opportunity. Contact INTOO today to learn how we can provide outplacement services to any business in the Los Angeles community and beyond.

Explore the INTOO outplacement coaching difference.