Introducing the Complete Guide to Severance Packages

An illustration of someone signing a severance package agreement.

Companies offer severance packages to outgoing employees for good reason. Not only do the packages help employees as they transition to new positions, but they also benefit the company by helping to reduce the risk of lawsuits, lower unemployment costs, and protect employer brand. In the social media age, severance packages have become even more important. Organizations offer them to protect their online reputations on Glassdoor, Facebook, and other platforms, because the shared opinions of employees can affect everything from talent recruiting to customer loyalty.

Whether your organization is creating a severance package from scratch or updating an existing one, our Complete Guide to Severance Packages can help. With 19 pages detailing the whats, whys, whens, and hows of severance packages, this guide will serve as a handy resource as you craft the best one for your company.

Download the guide now and get in-depth answers to your questions about severance packages:


  • What is a severance package?
  • When are companies are required to provide them?
  • Why provide a severance package?
  • What benefits should my company include in one?
  • What should my company include in a severance agreement?
  • How and when should my company offer a severance package?

Each section will walk you through what you need to know and do to create the best severance package for your company. We cover the unique concerns you might consider that are specific to your organization. In addition, we go over how to mitigate reputational risk in the digital age by offering outplacement services and other benefits, and detail the technological advances that can help you build an effective package at a competitive cost.

Download the full guide, and use it as a reference for yourself and as a tool for educating others and securing buy-in. Access the guide now to develop an updated severance package strategy today.