Knowing how to improve candidate experience can prevent negative reviews, like the one this woman might leave as a result of being made to wait too long for her interview.
How to Improve Candidate Experience
The interactions companies have with applicants can significantly impact the way job seekers view them...
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Do Glassdoor reviews matter? An open laptop displays a white screen bearing the glassdoor logo in green.
Do Glassdoor Reviews Matter?
Modern job seekers often base their opinions of an organization on the information they find...
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Graphics saying "Job Search," "Qualification," "Career," and "Application," overlaying a laptop represent how to create an effective career page
What Makes a Good Career Page: 7 Simple Tips
Finding the right candidate for a position can be challenging, especially if your business operates...
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An African American hiring manager demonstrates why candidate experience is important while interviewing a caucasian female candidate
Why Is Candidate Experience Important?
Taking the feelings of your applicants into account in your hiring process can have a...
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A team who knows how to onboard a new employee welcomes a new team member in a meeting
How to Onboard a New Employee
Companies plagued by high employee turnover rates tend to have reduced productivity, low workplace morale,...
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Cropped image of five male and female job candidates representing how to build a talent pool
How to Build a Talent Pool
All companies should want to find the best professionals to fill any open vacancies within...
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Download INTOO's Hiring Guide Now!
Hiring Guide: Interviewing, Selecting, Rejecting – Download Now!
Whether you’re new to hiring or need a refresher, our guide, How to Hire the...
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A male hiring manager who understands how to hire employees meets with a male candidate.
How to Hire Employees: Identifying the Best Candidates
The individuals you hire play a significant role in maintaining and strengthening the health of...
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A file folder labeled "Rejected" among others, representing rejected interviewees.
How to Reject an Interviewee
One of the sad realities of filling an open position at your company is that...
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Two men and one woman make up the hiring team interviewing a female candidate, demonstrating how to hire the right person
How to Hire the Right Person
Hiring a new team member can be a stressful experience for those who don’t have...
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A female manager demonstrates that she knows how to be a good interviewer by engaging with a male candidate in a friendly manner.
How to Be a Good Interviewer
Interviews can be challenging for hiring managers and leaders who don't have previous experience interviewing...
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A female HR manager effectively interviews a male candidate.
How to Conduct an Interview Effectively
The purpose of an interview is to get to know your applicant, but they’re also...
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Colored letters spelling "SKILLS" are held up by hands belonging to a culturally diverse group of people
3 Ways to Increase Diversity Through Skills-Based Hiring
While it’s now common for organizations to have Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, not...
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A note reading "Employee experience" sits atop a desk by a keyboard, pen, and mug of coffee.
How to Create a First-Class Employee Experience: Webinar Recap
Barb Froncillo, National Sales Director at INTOO USA, spoke recently with Michele Shuey and Veronica...
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Resignation paperwork with the title, "Preparing for the Great Resignation - Webinar Recap and Recording"
Preparing for the Great Resignation: Webinar Recap
Recently, Caroline Vernon, INTOO’s Career Transition Practice Leader, spoke with #HRSocial Hour Half Hour Podcast...
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2021 Workforce Trends Report - Pandemic Insights
INTOO’s 2021 Workforce Trends Report Finds Companies’ Needs and Plans Are Not Aligned in Volatile Employment Market
INTOO’s 2021 Workforce Trends Report found that employee productivity, satisfaction, and engagement overwhelmingly were maintained...
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