There are common questions about severance pay, as represented by a magnifying glass highlighting a severance agreement.
Severance Pay: Answers to the 4 Most Common Questions
Having an established policy regarding severance is a best practice for any company—not only to...
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close up of managers discussing how to calculate severance pay for employees
How to Calculate Severance Pay for Employees
While companies are not required by federal law to provide severance pay to terminated employees,...
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Woman employee overlooking city in office place thinking about severance package.
How Severance Pay Works and Who Typically Receives It
Discover How Severance Pay Works and How it Should Be Used In Your Organization Severance...
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man overviewing documents detailing a severance package offered by the organization.
Severance Package: 7 Reasons Your Company Needs One
When employees leave a company, they are entitled to receive regular wages for time worked,...
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